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Activities paralyse for di three major commercial cities for south east of Nigeria, Aba, Nnewi and Onitsha on Thursday as residents comply wit di sit-at-home call by di Indigenous People of Biafra to mark “Biafra Remembrance Day”.

IPOB bin declare May 30 to mark di 52nd anniversary of di day for 1967 wen di governor of di former Eastern Region Col Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declare say di region comot secession from Nigeria. Wetin follow di declaration na three years civil war wey kill over one million pipo.

While many pipo for di south east capital cities no comply with di sit-at-home order, di major commercial centres comply as shops, banks, schools and markets shut down.

Owerri busy die like say dem no hear di announcement

Some of di pipo wey speak to BBC Igbo say dem happy to comply as dem believe say e go quicken dia separation from Nigeria.

Umudike junction for Umuhia
All di stores for Onicha market lock, traders no open shop

IPOB and oda Biafra groups wey dey ginger to comot Nigeria don call for pipo to boycott and protest before, compliance don lead to violence and fight with security agencies wey lead to deaths.

Di call for pipo to siddon for house don become standard for IPOB as dem continue to dey ginger to comot Nigeria despite say goment don declare dem as terrorist group.

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu wey dem declare wanted afta im jump bail disappear from im papa house for Umuahia for September 2017 sidon for America dey conduct di sit-at-home.

According to am, na former Nigerian leader Nnamdi Azikiwe put igbo pipo for di condition wey dem dey inside today.

Im tell BBC say im no wan fight anybodi im just wan make goment build bridge, school and make beta for evri Igbo man.

For Abia state capital Umuahi activities happun like say notin notin

Pipo recognise di day for social media

Even though no be everybody gree sidon for dia house for south east nigeria, Igbo pipo for different parts of Nigeria still enta twitter to honour dia dead wit #Igboheroday2019 and #Ozoemena.

Dem use dis hashtag to remember wetin happun for di Biafra war and also to pray for families wey lose dia mama, papa brodas and sistas plus pikin dem sake of tribal killings.

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